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Quality & integrity. A history of success.

Led by a team with over 25 years in the construction industry, we specialize in concrete restoration and new construction, coatings, corrosion control, and concrete waterproofing. Additionally, we:

  • Test and analyze to provide the best solution to any building envelope problems  
  • Utilize products of the highest quality with a proven record of success
  • Specialize in preventative maintenance
  • Extend coating systems to fit your need (ask us about our 20-year coating system)
  • Work with you to minimize business interruption and tenant displacement through flexible  and efficient construction plans

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We offer many construction-based services that fall into 2 categories.

Concrete restorations and waterproofing. From traffic coatings to epoxy injections, our preventative maintenance plans protect concrete surfaces, decelerating corrosion and ensuring structural integrity.

  • Concrete Restoration

    We assess and work with you to develop preventative maintenance plans for your structural needs. When restoration is required, our goal is to ensure structural integrity. Our techniques include high quality products and materials and the least invasive construction methods.

  • Expansion Joints

    We specialize in water and waste water treatment structures, parking structures, and below grade foundations. As water seepage into cracks is one of the primary causes of structural corrosion, we work to seal from the inside to avoid costly outside foundation excavation.

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A history of successful collaborations.


To achieve the best results, we utilize the best materials.

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